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My little Hailey girl has been wanting her hair cut for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t bring myself to let her have it done. I just couldn’t. I love her hair. Anyone who has seen her knows how thick, soft and luscious her beautiful hair is. It was LONG, I mean down to her little tiny booty, and seiously her pointail was a good inch and half thick.

But it also gets very very knotted and sometimes even matted when she sleeps. It got to the point where if we didn’t have it tied back it was just too overwhelmingly difficult to comb. She pushed the subject even more. She wanted it cut and she wanted it cut very very badly. I was having flashbacks to when she was 2 and 1/2 and cut her hair herself. Gave her self bangs and gnawed with the scissors at her ponytail. I had to cut 6 inches off then, I cried. I didn’t want her to take matters into her own hands again.

So a week before we were set to start school I made an appointment with my good friend Hailey J. who is just finishing beauty school at the Aveda Institute here in Tucson, Arizona. I asked her if she had time to get Hailey {and Belle of course!} in for a cut that week. She did. Crud. Now I had to let her cut it. I thought about it all week. I questioned anyone who would listen. Bobby and I talked about it {more than he would have liked to I’m sure!} ┬ánumerous times that week. And finally Friday morning came, it was time. I knew I HAD to let her do it.

I was so sad though. This was a big step. You see when I’m nervous and I have to talk to someone I play with HER hair, not my own. Her hair was my safety net. When we snuggled at night I would twirl her long locks in my fingers. I didn’t want to loose it. But I decided I was being selfish and that some very lucky little girl would LOVE to have her hair. A little girl who maybe lost her hair due to some God forbid horrible disease.

We decided we were going to donate it to locks of love. The wonderful girls at the salon showed us some other ponytails that had been donated and Hailey’s was by far the thickest and longest. I can just see them making a wonderful wig out of her beautiful hair. And the sweet little girl who may receives it, I can see the newfound confidence on her face.


Her hair will grow back eventually. Although I’m not sure she’ll ever let me have it that long again! She loves her new short hair and will periodically {out of no where} yell out just how much she loves her new short sassy haircut!

I love this baby so much and as much as I hated to cut it, it looks pretty cute, right?

Love and Hugs, Jess

stephanie newbold - It’s adorable on her and suits her perfectly! Big hugs to you, momma! xoxox

LizzieB - LOVE she looks adorable!!!

Silver Price - Broke down and cut the curls off just a week and a half ago. I thought I was going to die, but I absolutely love his short hair! And luckily the curliness to it actually stayed a bit. Not the ringlets, but the body.

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