Cutie Pa-tootie Pies

Cutie Patootie Pies | E’s 3 month Photo Session |

Tucson Family Photographer


I met this sweet family last year around Christmas time. Oddly enough I got the original email from Nate. Pssst. Hubbies don’t usually enjoy family photos let alone book them! So I knew their session was going to be different and totally awesome! He said Becky LOVED my yellow chair and *had* to have it! Even though I was booked solid I found a way to sneak them in! We went downtown and had a blast! Even if Ms. C wasn’t very sure about me.

This all changed after I photographed their maternity session earlier in the year and subsequently sweet baby E’s newborn session. I got to spend some extra quality time with Ms. C and we have been best buds ever since!!

Seriously?! Could she get any cuter?

All of this and more while sweet little E was munchin’ down a bottle! You see after all this was his 3 month session! We just HAD to get some awesome ones of him!

He started out much the same Claire and I did. A little unsure. He sure did give me the pouty face a lot. But in the end we got him to smile! And boy was it good! Look at how sweet his little smilin’ face is!

You can literally feel the love this family has for each other! And I hope you can feel how much I LOVE them! I can’t wait to see E and C again in January for another grow with me session!

There is nothing better than being able to watch these tiny humans grow. I am so thankful to be able to photograph this sweet family and watch these babies. I have a special little bond with my newborns… and the kiddos to but especially the newborns! I absolutely love them to bits!



Amy - JESSICA!!! This session is SO amazing! That little girl is beyond gorgeous and you captured her personality SO well!!
3 months is a really challenging age to shoot and you totally rocked it!
Your editing is perfect for this!! I LOVE IT!

stacey - SO beautiful. Love the light. Very sweet family!

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Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl | Baby Emma | Oro Valley Newborn Photographer


After Courtney, Matt and I hit it off at their maternity session. I was especially excited to see them and photograph sweet baby Emma. She was a breeze! Kind of awake when I showed up but completely zonked out by the time I had everything set up! Our session was done in just under 3 hours which is pretty awesome! Newborns take time lots of time and Emma was just amazing at everything I tried. We were even able to try a new pose with the help of Mom and Dad!

Be sure to check out those lashes! She has some of the best lashes I’ve ever seen, let alone on a newborn! ha! It was those extra almost two weeks she spent roasting inside Momma’s tummy, right?!

Awesome headbands and crowns provided by Hazelmoonfly. If you haven’t checked out Stacey’s stuff you really need to scoot on over there. Fabulously vintage, unique and obviously beautiful little accessories for your baby bit! Or for yourself!!


Did you notice that amazing blue wall? Courtney PAINTED that by. hand. On one wall in sweet baby Emma’s nursery. Which was fabulously modern and cozy at the same time!

I could probably show you every single image from this session! I truly love photographing newborns. I love snuggling them, sneaking in little smooches and just basking in the glow of the miracle that they are. They are precious and a real gift to enjoy. There is one HUGE reason I love photographing newborns. Maybe I’ll share it with you all someday.

Love and Hugs,



Please keep in mind some of these poses are spotted and composites. Baby was never left attended. Newborn safety is always of the utmost priority.

Jena - Oh these are just beyond perfect!

Amy Murtola - This baby girl looks like a baby doll!
You did an amazing job! This is my favorite newborn session of yours!

Brooke - Beautiful! Such a gorgeous baby!

Mandi Beam - Perfection! What a sweet, sweet girl and these photos are stunning!

Kelly Frazier - Oh my goodness- so SWEET! Gorgeous photos! They will surely cherish these!

Erica - Great Job Jessica!!!! Mommy will love

Wendy - Love this. She is so precious. Love those detail shots.

Lora - These are gorgeous, Jessica!! I love the “feet” pose and that blue wall is TDF!

Rhonda - What a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!!

Heather Stockett - How gorgeous! And what a beautiful baby!

Brianna - They are gorgeous!

Stacey Ditchen - So Beautiful! I love the macros of her little features. So pretty and dainty!

stacey - MY HEAVENS!! Just gorgeous!

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Stunning couple

A stunning couple & beautiful light | Osselear Family Maternity Session | Tucson Natural Light Maternity Photographer

When I met Courtney for her maternity session here in Tucson, Arizona we hit it off instantly. We laughed together and talked the entire session. Sometimes I had to stop myself and remind myself that I was there to work… not socialize. Although in my world the two go hand in hand! By the end of the session I couldn’t wait to meet sweet Emma! I was dreaming up what she may look like, who she may take after.


She had other plans for us though. She was nearly 2 weeks late! Silly girl was just way too happy inside of Momma’s tummy! These sessions were a while back so, guess what’s next? Emma’s Session!! Wahoo!

Love and Hugs,



Kelly Frazier - Oh my gosh I’m in love with these! Second shot down would be a canvas in my nursery if these were me. Of course, if this were me and I looked that good pregnant I might have another just to get pic like this!

Mandi Beam - What a pretty shoot! She is beautiful!

Amy Murtola - She has he perfect belly!!! I love this session!

Jena - Oh I love this!!!!

Wendy Wooten - Cute baby bump! :)

Nicole Suddeth - Gorgeous!!

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Wish Upon A Star

When you Wish upon a Star | Stout Family Maternity Session | Tucson and Vail Maternity Photographer


I am so excited to show you all my very first Dream With Me Session. After the JinkyArt workshop  changed the way I see things, I decided to add another session to my packages. A session that allowed for a little more, ok ALOT more creativity! A stylized session where we (client and photographer) work closely together to come up with a concept or theme that fits your family. The result? A truly memorable, fun, unique session that your family will cherish for years to come!

When I met Cirocco, Raun and Lily a year ago for their family pictures they brought the game! They were perfectly dressed Mad men style and Lily was a phenomenal little subject! Giving me the absolute best expressions! So, when I received the call that they were pregnant again Cirocco and I got to planning! I asked her a series of questions about her family, how they interact and little Lily too! When she said Lily LOVES princesses and she cannot wait to meet her new baby sister, she has always wanted one. I knew just what we would do! Immediately I started singing the Disney song in my head “When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you….”

Are you singing it in your head? You cannot possibly read that line. You simply must sing it!

Everybody together now, “When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you….”

I asked a month or so back on my facebook page (which by the way are we friends yet? If not we totally should be!) what everyone thought sweet Lily was wishing for.Let the images guide you through the story and at the end can you tell me what you think Lily is wishing for?

Jena - This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alison Jenkins - Amazing pics! Doesn’t hurt that you have such beautiful subjects!

stacey ditchen - A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!!!! Love them! Dreamy and sweet as can be. =)

Monica - Ummmm…amazing!! That’s one hit momma too! These are just beautiful!

Kristen - Beautiful!

Jena McLaughlin - These are stunning!!

dalia - Wow, just wow, these are amazing!!!

Kelly Gentz - GORGEOUS from beginning to end!!! Beautiful family, clothes, photos…well done!

amelia - i love these! they are the sweetest ever!

Heather - Stunning! Awesome job! Congrats on the new baby!

Lexi - Absolutely georgeous!!!!!!! Wait till u meet baby Farris!!!!

kelly - so so so cute!

Katie Brockpahler - Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the theme–love the family–love the compositions! Great job!

Carrie Terrones - What a beautiful story, and HOLY gorgeous mama!

Amy - These images are beyond beautiful!!! Your creativity is so amazing!

Jen - These are gorgeous!

Cirocco - Xoxoxo ran into these again! Xoxoxox

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Frolicking on the Beach

A Wednesday Evening & Lens Flare | Tucson Child Photographer

When I received the assignment in the JinkyArt workshop group for a Wednesday evening and lens flare I knew I wanted to participate! I love doing assignments that make you step outside of your box of producing images for families. Things that really make you think, where you can let your creative mind truly stretch. Shooting solely for myself. Not worrying if things were pretty or perfect or juuuust right. Just shooting.

I knew I wanted to wait and push my time limit. I knew we would be in California the last week of the assignment and knew I wanted to photograph my babies on the beach. Not being from California or growing up on the beach, let alone photographing it I didn’t know what beach was good and clear, or what the conditions would be, or how incredibly harsh the sun may be. Goodness was I in for a treat, I just love learning new things and pushing myself to try harder.

The first night we went to scope out the beach. It was nice and…. sandy. Ha! But it was so so overcast and I wanted flare! I prayed it wouldn’t be like that the next day. It sure wasn’t! It was bright and sunny and just a few clouds in the sky which made for a really phenomenal sunset.

I had to wait until the sun was nearly set to take anything because it was so strong and everything was so hazy. Dont get me wrong I like haze but this was over the top! About 15 minutes before sunset I started snapping away. Weaving up and down to see just where the flare may hit.

Good thing I packed hoodies! We sure needed them. I of course forgot to pack one for myself so I snagged hubby’s:)

Did I mention that we got to the beach *way* too early? Ha! Here is one of Bobby and I being silly with our shadows.:)

And my beautiful girl trying to pose for me, but her hair kept blowing into her face. I love her to pieces.

Oh and it was COLD! What the heck? It was really warm boder line hot during the day then we got to the beach and it was COLD and really super windy!

My hat is off to you ladies who shoot the beach regularly. It sure did give me a run for my money!

Some other wonderful ladies participated in this assignment as well. If you have a minute head on over and check out their stunning work!



Love and Hugs



Laureen - The second one of yur daughter solo… almost a profile brought tears to my eyes.
The tears continued through the series of your girls
Such beauty.
Both them… and the images themselves.
Well done!

Elena - lovely, especially the one of the two of them looking out to the sea!!!

Jeannie - Ummm…grandma would like those beach pics sent to her/me:-)

Alison - Beautiful Jess! Love these shots!

Michelle McDaid - I love the tones of your photos and you captured some truly real and sweet moments. Great job!

amelia - you have such a beautiful sweet style. i love your photographs!

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